Pool Tests!

Here is a quick recap of the two previous pool tests that were recently carried out:

The first pool test did not go quite like we wanted it to. We had some networking troubles with the computer, so we went back to the lab to correct this problem.

The second pool test went exponentially smoother than the first. One of the only problems that we had with the second pool test was that we could not get the forward camera to work, so instead, we moved the bottom camera to the forward position. When we put the robot into the pool, we ran gate mission. After tuning the vision algorithm, the mission worked very well. We wanted to test the path but tested with the buoys, because we had already moved the bottom camera to point forward. While working with the buoys, we found one problem with the buoy vision entity, but hopefully we will fix this problem in preparation for the third pool test coming up soon!

-Sarah Davis

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