2013 Robot!

It’s the new school year, which means another year of Underwater Robotics! Over the summer, the club went to San Diego to test our underwater abilities in the annual Robosub Competition. This year, we are proud to hold 7th place out of 29 other teams, which is the highest we have ever ranked in the history of URC! This is exciting news and gives us bigger aspirations for the 2012-2013 year. A quick congratulations to Cornell University for placing 1st in the Competition!

So far, in preparation for the new year, we have recruited over 15 new members, so our club has grown exponentially. We have many goals set before us, and we have organized small groups within the club to pursue these goals. Details are to come with later posts, but for now, here is what we have been working on so far:

  • Electrical: This year’s electrical system will be a new revision of last year’s system. These revisions will allow the electrical board to support another thruster. Also, minor changes will be added such as voltage and current monitoring, and depth readings.
  • Acoustics: This year we received the NCSU Undergraduate Research Grant, to pursue underwater acoustics. The acoustics system will be a modified version of the incomplete system from the previous year. Our goal this year will be to locate the pinger using multi-lateration, which is similar to GPS triangulation software.
  • Software: As was last year, we will be working extensively with the simulator, but with Seawolf V still in working condition, we will have plenty of time to debug software during pool tests. With our software team growing, we expect to have more comprehensive mission and vision software. In addition, the diagnostics display will have live-feeds from Seawolf V, as well as debugging streams through our video routing server.
  • Mechanical: Our goal this competition season is to have an aesthetic, as well as functional, mechanical design. Seawolf VI is currently under construction. Our plan is to have machined aluminum parts for the robot in its entirety.

Stay tuned for more as we continue building our robot.


–Sarah Davis

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