Qualification Day 2: Excellent run

Seawolf with the Army bot

Today is the second day of actual competition qualifications.  Tonight, the judges decide who moves on to finals day tomorrow.  We have just had possibly the best run of NCSU robotics history.  Seawolf IV swam through the starting gate, aligned with the path, hit a buoy, aligned with the next path, and went through lovers lane.  It then started the bin dropping mission by finding the double path.  Seawolf had aligned with the next path but it was the one headed towards the torpedo launch area instead of the bins.

We have had a few things go wrong, but we have so far been able to fix almost everything.  Our Ethernet port gave out on Seawolf’s netbook but were able to find a local store (Fry’s) that had USB to Ethernet and it is now working properly.

We are hopeful about getting into finals but either way we have done extremely well.  Seawolf is getting into the theme of the competition (roboLOVE) and is now in a relationship with the Army robot.

Go Pack!

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