Competition Day 1 Recap

We did well today during our pool session.  We managed to go through the gate, align with a path, and hit the red buoy.  Our robot could not see the next path and drove forward.  We accomplished this on our second attempt (the first attempt: Seawolf went through the gate and didn’t see the first path).  After locking in our score, we did several more autonomous runs so that we’d have more video footage to analyze.

This morning we also did our static presentation.  We could definitely have put more time into our preparation and use some practice on our presentation skills.  That being said, everyone had the opportunity to speak about the robot, which is a good learning opportunity for new members.  Unfortunately we scored 16th in static judging (it’s a coincidence that in the image here there’s a 16 next to our name…the numbers on the left do not correspond to static judging).

In the late afternoon we were given another opportunity for a practice session.  Prior to the practice session we began having connectivity issues over our tether.  We determined that it was a computer issue and not a connector issue.  Since connectivity was intermittent over the onboard ethernet jack, we decided to purchase a USB-to-Ethernet dongle locally.  The dongle arrived on site just before our practice session (10 minutes to spare).  We weren’t able to get drivers working with linux in such a short time frame, and luckily after a few reboots of our computer the existing connection began working again.  We’re hoping this won’t be an issue tomorrow (Saturday), and we’re hoping to also have the USB backup solution as an option.

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4 Responses to “Competition Day 1 Recap”

  1. Allan Thunes says:

    Nicely done guys! Good luck tomorrow and Sunday :-}

  2. Tina Fowler says:

    Good job guys! Love the score board photo, will you do that again today?
    Good luck.

  3. Marilyn says:

    Keep up the good work, guys. we’re watching from that other big body of water, Kitty Hawk Bay and Clipper Lake (our robot doesn’t have to travel so deep … ask Byron). enjoying these posts and thanks for taking the time to post for us in the bleachers.

  4. Karen and Nick VanLeeuwen says:

    The updates are great – thanks! It looks like you’re making good progress, learning a lot and having a blast.

    We’re watching from yet another body of water – Lake Ontario (Hamilton, Canada)

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